Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

Training salespeople means
developing their personality!

For a long time it has been a matter close to my heart to unravel the myth resp. misconception saying that salespeople only need to be taught in methods in order to make them good at selling.

The best salespeople didn’t fly thanks to methods and techniques. It can often be seen, that salespeople don’t really sell. They distribute products, hold a monologue on product features and inundate their clients with details without being asked. Find a little insight on the topic “training for salespeople”:

Selling (better) with personality. The modern training for salespeople.

In cooperation with my colleague Oliver Theisen, I developed an innovative training concept that addresses exactly that. Our goal: We train salespeople who are perceived to be more authentic afterwards and sell more successfully. You find the status quo in the following little presentation: 5 reasons why sales training fails – and what helps »


Really successful salespeople convince with their attitude, their authenticity and their personality. They are salespeople with all their heart and have a fair and respecting inner attitude concerning their task of selling and their clients. With many years of experience in training and coaching salespeople, I know: in developing the own personality lies the biggest potential in becoming an outstanding sales person. I made it my business to discover your pleasure in sales.
Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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