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Increase self-competence

In your daily business you have to face changes every day. The question is not as much what happens to us but how able are we to cope with these experiences. That’s when topics such as resilience, ability to reflect, self-competence and inner clarity become very important.

We often miss is a sparring partner, someone that we can openly talk to, who stimulates meaningful reflection within us, who gives us new ideas and advice based on his experience. Somebody who is independent and has the view from outside.

There are many occasions for coaching. Almost all of them are connected to having a desire to change.

Because you e.g. as an executive

  • sometimes feel a little alone in your function as an executive and you lack a neutral and especially honest person to talk to.
  • want to change your leadership style in order to improve relationships in your teams and you wonder how you can manage that.
  • feel insecure in different situations and you want to find the reasons and new solutions in a trustful environment.
  • possibly know the situation of selling yourself at less than fair value and would like to work on your presence and efficacy.

And also, because you e.g. as a salesperson

  • would like to get feedback on your performance (on the job coaching).
  • want to reflect on the (last) inner hurdles and insecurity, to be in a long term stable position.
  • seek for individual solutions that fit you and are authentic for your dialogues with clients.
  • ask yourself how to keep being strong and capable; especially because you are very dedicated to your work.

If people happen to get along easily with changes, that’s not a coincidence, but is rather due to special abilities that lie dormant in us. This includes e.g. a sense of coherence that helps us to go through changes easily. Sense of coherence is a basic attitude of expecting things in life to come for a reason, that they make sense – no matter how painful they are.

But the supreme discipline of change competence is the tolerance of ambiguity. This is the ability, to bear contradictions without having to solve them. Not to evaluate things that happen, but letting them happen even if they don’t seem to be logical.

Customized to your occasion, the goal you strive for and your given resources, I offer you different coaching formats:

  • Classic individual coaching – 1-2 hour per session, half a day or whole intensive days
  • Coaching on the job – accompaniment in the operative doping / shadow coaching
  • Professional Coaching Retreat – compact coaching time, 5 days in a learning friendly environment

Let’s talk about the format that’s expedient for you and your occasion: CONTACT

Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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