Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

Emotions, not facts, are the key to human connection.

Kereen Karst Coaching und Training Methoden
In order to get people started, one must touch them emotionally. In my work with executives and employees in sales and service, I focus on self-management and personality. Techniques and tools follow in the next step. Since only the “real“ social interactions can touch and inspire clients and employees on a long-term basis.
Kereen Karst Personalentwicklung, Organsiationsentwicklung, Coaching

Kereen Karst

I translate the oftentimes very cognitive and rational communication of people in companies to improve relationships and interaction. Read more »

Kereen Karst motivation

What drives me

I stand for more intuition and emotional intelligence in corporate interaction. The more human and honest we treat ourselves and others, the more successful and satisfied we are. This goal drives me. Read more »


I like to work with colleagues of my network of consultants. They take over special topics or impulses in the trainings, so that the neutral perspective can be guaranteed. Or they are just the best experts in certain fields. Read more »

Kereen Karst - Kunden

Clients and projects

Projects and customer references in the fields of human resources and sales. Human resource development and the qualification for self-management were always essential in my work. Read more »

Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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