Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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Change processes are necessary if a pressure for change comes from the outside or the inside. Outer pressure for change comes e.g. from new market and competition conditions, price fight, through technological change or changing general conditions.

Inner pressure for change is perceivable though discontent of employees, fluctuation or a high sickness absence rate, or if a team or a whole company positions itself anew. For example in the case of growth processes, it is necessary to implement and define new responsibilities, roles and processes. I support small and mid-size companies with innovative and established methods in the execution of structural and cultural change stages.

My strength is the ability to take the people on a journey of change, to activate them and by doing so stabilize the process. I support you in implementing the change in your company.

Using my longstanding experience in medium-size organizational systems, I support organizational processes in the fields of leadership, sales and service.

As an expert for “building relationships“, I help change agents to act with clearness. As a facilitator I consult you with a neutral outside view and knowledge in the fields of change, leadership and the development of human systems. I bring intelligent concepts in order to involve everyone in the change. As Gerald Hüther, the latest most recognized neurobiologist, puts it: People can only change “unfavorable attitudes” if we “invite, encourage and inspire” them. This idea is my fundamental attitude when I support people and teams in changes. Change requires motivation which is composed of the following elements: ability (knowing + being able) x attendance (wanting or having to) x opportunity (being allowed to).
Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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