Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

Creativity can only occur,
but not be prescribed.

Kreativitätstraining für Unternehmen

Creativity is one of the keys for prospective successful teams and companies. Coming up with new ideas, thinking out of the box and linking with diverse views of this world. Thinking new. Learning by doing and thereby developing and testing something new.

Creativity is an essential competence for all employees and leaders of today in order to be able to face new challenges and changes again and again.

In cooperation with the artist and professor Sandra Freygarten I run creativity workshops for that purpose.

Prof. Sandra Freygarten supports many companies as an artistic facilitator and works at the interface between arts and business at the Alanus University for Arts and Social Studies in Bonn. She has developed numerous concepts in which principles of artistic actions are transformed into other fields. She answers the impressively logic question: „Why not learn from a discipline, the arts, in which creativity and innovation belong to the everyday business?” by developing and realizing practice-oriented fields of experience for the professional practice.

You search for creativity for your company?

That is intelligible since many occupational areas demand for creative thinking and acting at the push of a button. But how can creativity and innovation skills be promoted? We don’t offer standard solutions but work on individual concepts in order to enhance the creativity of the team and the single employees and opening the doors to creative thinking and more inventiveness. In our creativity workshops numerous different artistic methods help you thinking beyond the known and creating something new. Through astonishing combinations, associative-intuitive creativity methods and action-based tasks.

Customized creativity workshops

We make you familiar with inspiring approaches, non-linear thinking and acting, and work on a fruitful foundation in reality. These customized workshops are meant for teams that handle with new products, concepts and dimensions and take up the cause of innovation.

Vis.Ch. – an art-based development method for teams »

Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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