Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

What team does it take?

Teams are, to be realistic, an organism that first has to develop.

They are usually formed when a task needs to be accomplished that demands for the cooperation of experts of different areas of knowledge or if a homogeneous task force works collaboratively on problems and tasks over a longer time period.

Each of the members can get in personal touch with the others, after a while there will be common standards – a “we”-feeling emerges – and the single members take over different roles, so they fill different functions within the team.

The development of teams is not linear, goal-oriented and with constant increase in efficiency. Similarly to a sports team the team needs to merge, have the possibility to find orientation, to go through conflicts, to get over them, find compromises and to integrate and grow.

Target groups of my team developments are teams that want to move forward or change something content wise and/or on a relationship level. Typical occasions are:

  • Conflicts in the team
  • Personnel changes (new team members or parting with team members)
  • Changing conditions (higher pressure from outside, changes in the strategic goals, structural changes)
  • Annual “pit stop“, to reflect on experiences, to give each other extensive feedback and thereby do something for the “hygiene” of the team.

I design concepts and moderate team development workshops and combine them, if needed, with individual coaching sessions.

Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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