Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

Human resource development means above all:
Providing learning opportunities


For me every leader is “the first human resource developer at site“ and should be qualified respectively. The more aware and clear the leader is, the better he manages to promote and challenge his staff in the daily interaction.

Thus every development intervention should focus on giving awareness, self-management, desire and the adequate tools to the leader so he can promote and challenge his staff in the daily working life. In my modern human resource development concepts I focus on customized workshops and trainings that activate people and get them started.


Participants don’t learn new habits from one panacea but will be “activated” by innovative methods, my energetic address, coaching impulses and practice support. In the course of this, I work motive-oriented in the first place. The participants are integrated as responsible persons of the process (ownership-principle).

Goal of the human resource development – providing learning opportunities

I’m interested in the question whether the goal of human resource development of today is still to design a goal-oriented plan adjusted to the corporate goals. A plan that bases human resource interventions on reaching a certain quality at a specific point in time. Of course companies want to reach strategic goals. But: One cannot prescribe learning. Learning is only possible when it is voluntary, at least if it’s supposed to be lasting and sustainably.

Prescribed learning vs. learning with self-responsibility

What is your point of view concerning the future of human resource development? 
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Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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