Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

Modern training concepts to move people.

When developing trainings and workshop I cooperate with you to develop customized solutions. The basis is at all times an intensive analysis of your status quo. The activation of employees is my focus when choosing methods and designing concepts in any of my modern trainings and development interventions. My trainings are practical, experience-oriented and have a big part with reflection tasks for the participants.

The part in which participants develop their personality is in almost all of my training designs before the part when techniques will be learned, as

  • Expertise in dialogues brings more success than specialized knowledge
  • Emotional competence wins over expertise in the subject
  • Empathy is the basis for all leadership and client situations
  • Self-competence is usually the (missing) key to solve problems at issue

Topics of my training concepts:

  • Self-development, personality development
  • Communication for executives
  • Leadership workshops
  • Sales skills, active sales
  • Identity and values of salespeople
  • Telephone communication in service and sales
  • customer service / customer focus
  • Competence in innovation and creativity

When working with any of these topics I use innovative concepts that I developed over years with various colleagues. They are based on modern learning requirements:

  • Work on attitude and values for salespeople.
    Salespeople get trained in techniques way too often. Knowing the handling of objections does not guarantee that the salesperson can successfully show this knowledge in practice. In many coaching sessions one can see the inner hurdles of the salespeople. Therefore, my colleague Oliver Theisen and I specialized on working on attitude and values with salespeople some years ago. We guarantee a real difference in the sales success of your salespeople. This revolutionary training and coaching work culminates in a modern and exceptional professional training for salespeople.
  • Creativity training: Creativity can only come into being and cannot be prescribed.
    Creativity is the key for successful teams and companies. Creating new ideas, being outward-looking and making connections between various perspectives in this world. Thinking innovatively. Testing things while doing them and creating something new. Creativity is nowadays an essential competence for every employee and executive in order to be able to cope with new challenges and go through steps of change. In cooperation with Sandra Freygarten, artist and professor for art transfer (at Alanus Hochschule, Bonn, Germany), I conduct customized creativity workshops.
  • Innovative learning: Visible Change – VIS.CH.
    VIS is an arts-based development method for teams with great change and transfer potential. In cooperation with Sandra Freygarten, artist and professor for art transfer (at Alanus Hochschule, Bonn, Germany), I conduct intensive team workshops. For this, we use a combination of art and action based tasks and coaching in short reflection sessions. Fields of application of the method coaching with art are creative training concepts for leadership, client service and sales as well as team development.
  • Personal presence – learning from actors.
    I work together with the actress, stage director and acting coach Bianca Lehnhard in many communication, sales and service trainings. We design tasks that help our participants to become more present and get a better feeling for their appearance. We combine this body oriented methodology with classical training and workshop methods.

Individual training

In special situations, I accompany salespeople in the field, executives or project managers and internal trainers in individual trainings to allow for quick changes in a well-directed and efficient manner.

For this purpose, my offer for you is: KARST!NG –
the best of consulting, training and coaching combined.

KARST!NG is my innovative form of guiding, that combines the best of consulting, coaching and training – in intensive, flexibly plannable and close to everyday life on-the-job sessions. By straight to the point personality development, improved performance and work on goals, I condition executives and entrepreneurs for future challenges. KARST!NG is specially geared to the person, the situation and the system and quickly generates motivation, sustainability and increase of performance.

KARST!NG is made for:

  • Client communication in sales: acquisition, call center, objections, active sales, attracting back customers
  • Chief operating officers: staff appraisal, leadership instruments, leading teams, conflicts
  • Development of trainers (freelance and in-house): concept, performance, communication, group leadership
Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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