Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

An art-based development method for teams – with big potential for change and transfer.

Visible Change (Vis.Ch) Coaching mit Kunst

We realize intensive team workshops by combining art-action-oriented tasks with short coaching units for reflection. An experience-based workshop with lasting insights.

I developed this new method in cooperation with the artist and professor Sandra Freygarten for the purpose of activating people in change processes. Her specialties are client orientation/service, innovation and creativity on which she contributed to a research project of the EU. She has developed numerous concepts in which principles of artistic actions are transformed in different fields of business.

Coaching with art – fields of application:

Visible Change (Vis.Ch)A collective and intense experience

The process of the creative action reveals how the team sees itself, how it works together or other topics between the members of the team. Typical patterns become more obvious; development fields can be detected immediately and be tested.

Steps of development live

The coaching sessions in the group and with individuals yield discoveries and ensure knowledge transfer to the daily routine – an invincible combination of two experienced empathetic facilitators with a method alliance that is exceptional and shows sustainable effects.

Visible Change (VIS.CH.) on film

Based on a present client project this exceptional development method was accompanied on film to become apperceptive. Get to know the power and magical effect of this approach:


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Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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