Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

I stand for more intuition and emotional intelligence in corporate interaction.

Kereen Karst motivation

People can fascinate and inspire when they open themselves and show sincere interest in the other. The more human and honest we treat ourselves and others, the more successful and satisfied we will be. This goal drives me.

What I believe:

1. Emotions guide us

Our business life is too focused on rational logic. And that is so, although the rational logic plays a subordinate role in personal decision processes. But we can use our logic to understand the emotions that guide us – and to communicate them to others.

2. Being and remaining self-aware

The better I know myself, the more aware I am of my self, the more successful and satisfied I am with others. Especially when being in executive positions the regular view in the mirror is indispensable. One can learn the systematic and goal-focused self-reflection.

4. Learning to lead oneself

Executives must be better trained in leading themselves for the purpose of being able to lead others better. That requires time, energy and courage.

6. Take away the pressure

Better results can be reached by decreasing speed and pressure. When we take our time for valuable conversations, for reflection and trust building, we don’t lose time with conflicts, unnecessary mistakes and friction losses later on.

7. No fear of mistakes

Theory only becomes practice when people have created it themselves, when they can add to their own experiences. Thus experimental learning is very important. Organizations should encourage and accept that mistakes happen in such a process of development and growth. Or to say it in Konrad Adenauers words: “Sometimes only a mistake leads you on the right path”.

Interview: Questions to Kereen Karst

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Kereen Karst - Organizational development, Human resources development

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